The GaryVee Way of Content

A playbook on how to make content like the king of content himself.

The GaryVee Way of Content
The GaryVee Way of Content

If you work in marketing or branding, it is most certain you must have heard about Gary Vaynerchuk, or famously Gary Vee. The marketing mogul with nearly 10 million+ followers. Here is a playbook on how to make content like the king of content himself.

Who is GaryVee?

Growing up in New Jersey in the 1980’s and 90’s, Gary Vaynerchuk honed his business skills by trading baseball cards and selling wine at his dad’s liquor store.  

He discovered the potential of Youtube early on and launched Wine Library TV, an unfiltered, in-your-face wine review series that boosted the family business and branded Gary as an early social-media guru. From there, his marketing career exploded, and suddenly Gary Vee seemed to be everywhere: consulting, speaking, vlogging, tweeting, and publishing best-selling books, all while growing what is now a sprawling media company, VaynerX.

According to Forbes he is worth $160 Million. And he has built this entire fortune on the sole pillar of CONTENT. His marketing and strategies have all been predicated on his unique sense of content creation and distribution. So how did he exactly do this?

His Content philosophy

Gary has been very vocal about his kindness and giving back nature. Especially in terms of content. His secret as he says is “Give away all your best advice and content for free to all”. According to Gary, your content should not be about selling your product or service. It should be about serving your community. This can only happen by sharing quality knowledge transparently and abundantly.

If you sell pet food and accessories, don’t post about your new dog food flavors on instagram and spam your audience with DMs. Instead, make content around the health and well being of dogs, their nutrition requirements and then subtly mention your product that might be a good fit. It is not about selling your product. It is about sharing your knowledge with the audience. If you do not provide value to them through your content, you’re just a product pushing salesmen on social media.

Content Pyramid

Gary Vee follows a pyramid structure. It is a simple 3 step process of making an insanely effective content strategy. Here are the 3 phases or pillars of this content pyramid:

  1. Document main content
  2. Repurpose into micro-content
  3. Distribute across all platforms
  • Documenting

The first phase is where you create or document your original content. Based on your preference it could be an audio-video content, audio-only content like a podcast or written content like a blog or article. Gary Vee personally has a guy who follows him around the whole day documenting all that he does and says.

This gives him immense power to create what he calls a Daily Vee or a GaryVee video experience. It is kind of like a vlog where he either edits a day’s worth of recording or a week’s worth of it and puts it out on Youtube. As mentioned, if video is not your forte then it could be  an audio only podcast or even a blog post here instead. And then comes the second phase of the pyramid.

  • Repurposing

Once you have a comprehensive content (video, podcast or blog), comes the most important part of the content pyramid which most of us skip. Repurposing our content into micro content formats for different platforms.

“Hey, I do that. I share my blog link everywhere even on my WhatsApp story once I post it on my website”

Okay, lazy numbnuts. That’s called cross-sharing of content on social media not repurposing. We think that by sharing a link everywhere we have done our part. And that’s where we are wrong.

Gary Vee puts immense focus on repurposing your content as if digging through a gold mine. You need to change the shape and form of your main content and wrap it in pretty paper for different audiences on different social media platforms. They’re not all the same. SO DON’T EVEN TRY THAT.

Add here the image of the slide number 12

There is more to content repurposing than cross sharing of content. It involves a process of identifying original content, different audiences and snipping out parts to create micro content that serves them with the most valuable and relevant parts.

  • Distribute

Recreate something similar to that of the slide number 18 here but edit the image and use terms ‘Main content’ or ‘Long form content’ instead of ‘pillar content’.

Just like a good product is worth nothing unless it reaches its consumers, good content is nothing unless distributed widely and timely. This is the final step of the pyramid, and once you have your repurposed micro content ready, it is time to start shooting them out to literally every platform you potentially can.

A Past Example

We understand your skepticism. You still can’t believe it is this easy. Well, its not. We said, it is simple…not easy. There is a difference. Nonetheless, let me present a real example from Gary himself to show you how the sausage is made in real life.

Step 1:

Gary Vee posted his keynote speech on 25th october 2017. This was the DailyVee episode 316. This was posted on Youtube as the primary pillar content. He also extracted the audio of the keynote and turned it into a podcast to distribute it across all podcast platforms. This is another pillar of content. And by the way, it was over 2 hours long.

Step 2:

His team then sits through the entire video again and again to sniff out parts of it that they feel might be more specific and might drive more viewership from different set of audiences. This could be a 6 minute video or even a 30 second clip on a specific topic or a punchline.  Different sets of such micro-content are recognized and extracted and converted into both a video and an audio-only form.

To give you context, he made 6 facebook clips, and 3 minutes long Instagram posts out of that one keynote. He also made quotes from the  keynote into poster images and GIFs to be shared across everywhere. Heck, he also made Twitter threads and Snapchat stories. That’s the difference between cross-sharing and repurposing into micro-content. He made micro-content for each specific platform.

Step 3:

Once your plethora of micro-content army is ready, it's time to shoot them out everywhere.


  • One keynote became over 30 pieces of micro-content.
  • Total reach of all content was over 35 MIllion views
  • This was across 20 platforms allowing a wide presence on all platforms for him.

So the key takeaway remains emphasizing on repurposing of content and capitalizing on this missed opportunity that is right in front of us. This can boost your traction and content reach beyond your imagination.

You just have to be consistent enough. So tell us what are your thoughts on this content pyramid and how will you incorporate it in your content?

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