The four ways to repurpose your newsletter

The four ways to repurpose your newsletter
The four ways to repurpose your newsletter

Writing a newsletter issue is time-consuming and takes considerable effort. You research the topic, write, edit, and make visuals. Won’t you like to squeeze the maximum ROI for your efforts? You sure would.

That’s where repurposing helps. With little effort, you can share it on multiple platforms and gain more reach and subscribers. But how to get started?

Here are the four ways:

1. Summarize it into a Twitter thread

Each newsletter issue is long and in-depth. For example, if your newsletter topic is “10 ways to repurpose your content,” you’ll surely cover each way with data, research, and case study. Summarize these into a thread.

You can optimize the newsletter content for Twitter by writing an engaging hook, tight sentences (using fewer words to convey a point), and adding images. Specifically, explain the “why” and “how” behind every claim.

Alternatively, you can even write a single thread on each way. You’ll have to research more to deep-dive into each.

2. Shoot a YouTube video

Taking the above topic (10 ways to repurpose your content) as an example, you now have enough content to turn it into a video.

Start with writing the video script:

a) Note what you’ll speak in the intro. You must tell the audience what the video is about, what they’ll learn in the video, and why they should care about it.

b) Explain each way in-depth with examples and visuals.

c) Back your claims with data and research.

d) Add a CTA at the end.

You already have the script content from the newsletter. All you have to do is to organize it to make your video understandable and educative.

3. Create short-form videos (YouTube short/Instagram Reel/TikTok)

Repurpose the long-form video you created into a short-form video. How? Pick a part of the video that either educates (shares frameworks or insights), inspires, or is funny. Ensure the video is < 60 seconds. Add subtitles, emojis, and visual effects.

Take inspiration from this short to get started:

Alternatively, you can even shoot a short-form video where you speak about one way (from the ten ways) for 60 seconds. The content can be similar to what you wrote in the newsletter, plus mixed with additional information you didn’t mention in the newsletter.

4. Convert the newsletter issue into an Instagram carousel post

Why create Instagram carousels?

They get more engagement because people spend more time consuming it. They do so because there’s more to consume than an average static post. And when people spend more time on your content, the algorithm rewards you with more reach.

Now, how to turn newsletter content into a carousel post? Summarize it such that the content fits into an Instagram slide. Don’t try to go in-depth because there won’t be any space left. You can expand on each point in the caption section.

For example, read this excellent carousel post from SEMrush. You’ll know how to create one.

Pro Tip: Use Canva’s ready-made free carousel templates to design your content.

Repurpose your newsletter

Now you know the four ways to repurpose your newsletter. Use these tips to get started and tweak them to suit your strategy.

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