The 4 ways to repurpose content for social media

The 4 ways to repurpose content for social media
The 4 ways to repurpose content for social media

Social media platforms are the best mediums you can repurpose your content on. Why? You can promote your content to millions, increase traffic/brand awareness, and 10X your revenue.

But how do you get started? Here are the four ways:

1. Repurpose a YouTube video into Instagram Reels

Instagram's CEO recently said that the platform would continually prioritize videos (Reels) over photos because that’s what the users are consuming. So, this is an excellent opportunity for brands/creators to leverage the algorithm to gain more views and followers.

One of the best ways to do so is to repurpose your long-form YouTube video into a reel. You can pick the most interesting (<60-sec) part from the video—insights, unique perspectives, frameworks/tips/strategies—and post them as reels.

For example, Ali Abdaal shared an Instagram Reel from his long (110 minutes) YouTube video. He picked an insightful snippet (the concept of RO) from the video and edited it to post it as a Reel.

Do the same.

2. Turn a podcast into a Twitter thread

Turn a podcast into a Twitter thread

Each podcast has tens of different sub-topics discussed. For example, if you have a podcast on the business breakdown of Netflix, you’ll have the following sub-topics covered: How Netflix started, its strategies, how its algorithm works, and more.

Capitalize on this by turning each topic into a thread.

You can write a Twitter thread on “How Netflix started: The origin story,” “The ten strategies Netflix uses to dominate streaming,” “Here’s a primer on how Netflix’s algorithm works,” etc.

Start with transcribing your podcast (use rev). Then, note down the different topics, and convert them into a Twitter thread.

3. Convert a blog into LinkedIn/Instagram carousels

Studies show that carousel posts have more engagement than standalone posts because people spend more time on them (as there’s more to consume), which is why social media’s algorithm favors it.

How can you take advantage of this? Summarize your blog post into a LinkedIn/Instagram carousel post. People love bite-sized visual information and can retain more information through it.

Ensure you include only the relevant content in the carousel post. For example, if the blog is on “10 steps to do social media marketing,” you must include the individual step along with a short description and an example.

Here are two examples of a blog converted to a carousel post:

a) SEMrush repurposed its how-to blog into a LinkedIn carousel.

b) Buffer converted its blog into an Instagram carousel.

4. Share blog content as a LinkedIn post

Summarizing your blog post into a LinkedIn post is another way to repurpose content for social media. Here’s how to get started:

a) Pick a popular article (check your analytics to short-list posts with the most traffic, shares, and comments than the rest).

b) Take a single point from your blog and expand on it with added context, images, data, and examples. This way, you can post 4-5 LinkedIn posts from a single blog post and ensure your blog gets more reach.

c) Link to the blog at the end and tell your readers what they’ll learn from it.

That’s it! Start repurposing content for social media now.

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