How you can repurpose your YouTube videos?

How you can repurpose your YouTube videos?
How you can repurpose your YouTube videos?

Repurposing your YouTube video—converting it into multiple formats to publish them on different platforms— has many benefits:

a) You can reach a wider audience.

b) You can cater to people who consume content in specific formats (text, audio, and video).

c) You won’t have to create content from scratch for every platform.

d) You save the time and money needed for creating content.

e) You reinforce your message and increase brand awareness.

But, how do you get started?

5 ways to repurpose your YouTube video:

1. Turn a long-form video into a short YouTube clip

Suppose you have a long (30-40 minutes) YouTube video. That means you’ll cover 7-8 fascinating topics throughout the video. Why not post 2-3 of those (out of the 7-8) as a separate short YouTube clip (6-7 minutes)?

That’s what the My First Million podcast does. For example, here’s its 71 mins YouTube podcast with Neil Patel.

It later picked two individual topics from the same video and posted it as a 6-7 min YouTube clip.



Do the same. For example, if you’ve got a 30 minutes video on “How to do SEO.” You’ll definitely cover topics like “What is On-page SEO and how to do it,” “Off-page SEO 101,” and “How to do technical SEO.” Post these clips as a separate YouTube video.

The idea is to share appealing clips. It could be controversial statements, lesser-known information, unique insights, or anything that will engage viewers. You’ll take advantage of the YouTube algorithm and attract more viewers.

2. Create a YouTube short/Instagram Reel

YouTube recently hit 5 trillion short views, and more and more users are watching Instagram Reels (Instagram CEO confirmed that Instagram is transforming into a video app to cater to this).

The jury is out: People love short-form videos.

Take advantage of this trend. Chop out a <60-sec clip (could be insights, light-bulb moments, or a how-to guide) from your YouTube video. Ensure the clip either educates, inspires, or entertains.

Here’s how TedX Talks does it.

It repurposed this video (from 2 years ago) into a YouTube short.

Madfire will help you repurpose your video into a YouTube short/Instagram Reel. We created a short/Reel from this YouTube video for one of our clients.

3. Write a blog post

Long-form YouTube videos are perfect for educational articles. For example, if you’ve recorded a video on “How to social media marketing (SMM) for your brand,” you would have surely covered topics like “benefits of using SMM for your brand, a step-by-step guide on how to do it, and a few examples.”

All you’ve to do is transcribe your video (use Happy scribe for it). Then, segregate the content under different sub-topics (“benefits of using SMM,” “step-by-step guide to do SMM for your brand,” and “examples of a brand doing SMM.”) Ensure you use keywords throughout the article, add images, statistics, and research.

The benefit of doing this is you can leverage the SEO benefit: rank higher on search engines, increase blog visitors, and increase brand awareness.

4. Repurpose content on different social media platforms

Social media is one of the best distribution channels. You can cater to millions of people by posting content on different platforms. But, remember that every site is unique, and you need to tailor your content accordingly. For example, threads dominate Twitter, visuals work best on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and LinkedIn loves short posts.

Here’s an example of how we did it:

a) We converted this video into a carousel post for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

b) Here’s the Twitter thread from the same video. The trick is to summarize your video with key insights and learnings.

c) Finally, some static posts with quotes and learnings for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Just pull out interesting quotes from the video and share them.

5. Create a podcast

Podcast consumption is increasing day by day. Research predicts it will grow from 332.2M listeners to 500M by 2024. It’s easy to understand why: unlike text and video content, audio content doesn’t require your 100% attention. You can listen to a podcast while running, cooking, or exercising.

So, why not create an audio podcast from your video? Start with turning your video into MP3 audio using Kapwing: Upload the video, select the “MP3” option and click on “CREATE.”

Watch how to do it.

Important: If you want to trim out certain parts of the video, delete pauses/silences, and add an introduction and conclusion, before converting it into the audio format, use Kapwing’s Trim audio.

After downloading the audio version, use Buzzsprout to host and promote it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. That’s it!

So, now you know how to repurpose your YouTube video and compound your content ROI. Get started with these tips and enjoy the benefits of repurposing.

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