How to repurpose content on Instagram?

How to repurpose content on Instagram?
How to repurpose content on Instagram?

1.25 billion users use Instagram. And it's why many brands leverage it to increase brand awareness, promote why they are different, and grow revenue.

How can you do so? By repurposing content on the platform. You'll save time, won't have to create content from scratch, and reach more users.

Here are the four ways to get started:

1. Repurpose your blog into Instagram carousels

Repurpose your blog into Instagram carousels

People spend more time on carousel posts (because there’s more content to consume) —hence Instagram rewards you with more reach. So, to capitalize on this, you must create carousels.

One of the best ways to do so is to summarize your blog posts into carousel content. Here’s how to get started:

a) Scan your Google Analytics to find the best-performing content (more traffic and shares than others).

b) Pick one blog and note the key points you can convey through a carousel.

c) Use bullet points to convey those points through the carousel post. You can add more context, visuals, and research to incentivize your readers to scroll through it.

d) Post it on Instagram.

For example, here’s how SEMrush repurposed this blog into an Instagram carousel. Read the content and see how they have repurposed the article to follow a similar style.

2. Turn your video into a Reel

Turn your video into a Reel

Instagram’s CEO recently said they prioritize video (Reels) over other formats because more and more people are consuming Reels on Instagram. The algorithm will favor every brand/creator that creates persuasive Reels.

So, this is your opportunity to double down on creating Reels. You’ll get two benefits: a) More reach because the algorithm prioritizes it, and b) More engagement (likes, shares, and comments) because users love the bite-sized video that educates, inspires, or makes them laugh.

You don’t have to create Reels from scratch. Start with repurposing long-form videos (It could be a webinar or a YouTube video) into < 60-second Reel.

Here’s how you can get started:

a) Pick a long-form video (choose the best-performing YouTube video or a video with various insights you can repurpose into a Reel).

b) Choose the part where the content in the video teaches your viewers something or shares interesting data/research.

c) Add visual effects (stickers, subtitles, emojis, and more).

d) Post it on Instagram.

For example, here’s how Ali Abdaal repurposed his YouTube video into an Instagram Reel.

3. Create a standalone graphic post

Create a standalone graphic post

Creating a graphic post is another way to increase followers, brand awareness, and trust with your audience. Here’s how you can get started:

a) Pick a quote from a webinar and post it as an Instagram post.

b) Share data/research from your blog posts.

c) Post customer testimonials.

d) Pick an insight from a YouTube video and share it as a post.

e) Cross-post your tweets and LinkedIn posts.

Here are different examples of brands doing this:

a) Buffer repurposed this blog into a standalone Instagram post.

b) Madfire helped Springworks convert its YouTube webinar/video into multiple graphic posts. You can view it here.

c) The official Twitter account shares screenshots of tweets.

4. Share Instagram stories

Finally, repurpose your content into Instagram stories to keep your audience engaged. There are multiple ways to do so:

a) Share data/research/insights from your blog posts.

b) Link your blog/video and ask your audience for their views. For example, if you have a video on social media tips, link to it in the story, and ask, “What’s your favorite social media strategy?”

c) Do a Yes/No poll by sharing your Twitter screenshot. For example, if you’ve tweeted, “Podcast is the underrated marketing medium,” share the tweet and allow your followers to vote Yes/No.

d) Repurpose your long-form video into a <60-second story.

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