How to create evergreen content?

How to create evergreen content?
How to create evergreen content?

Don’t you feel the burden of constantly creating content and wishing if only you could make them last longer. A piece of content that never dies. Or at least holds up for months, if not years. Don’t lie, we’ve all wished for this ginnie.

“Oh, Alexa, solve this mystery for me, will you”

*Alexa*:   “Make evergreen content. Simple”.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content, as the name suggests, is a piece of content that is relevant to the audience and the subject matter, and can drive engagement for a very very long time. It’s not forever per say but…..could be.

Evergreen content is a quality content that is effectively designed and strategically utilized to attract and delight your target market over and over, rather than just once. Not to mention, it increases your brand visibility and reduces your time and cost on creating more content in the process.

And doing so is very simple. Because all your content needs to have to be evergreen is in one word - VALUE. Yes, that’s right. Something that adds value (in any sense) to your audience, again and again and again.

4 benefits of creating evergreen content:

  1. Helps in getting more organic growth and visibility - driving traffic for months or years to your brand or company’s profile.
  2. It saves a ton of time leaving you to focus more on your business (or family, work-life balance, you see.)
  3. Budget-friendly - The best of all reasons is getting the highest possible value at a bargain. Exactly what evergreen content does for you.
  4. Creates audience loyalty - When a quality piece of content is circulated by you to your audience, which they can refer to for a long time, it creates a sense of loyalty by all the value that your evergreen content adds.

Now, who wouldn’t want to make their content evergreen and take the full advantage of it. Here is a simple and most effective 3 step process which is all you need.

3 Steps to make your content evergreen

Always know your audience

The first step is to understand who your audience is. This includes knowing their demographic, their geographic locations, the devices they consume your content on, their likes, dislikes etc. With the amount of data present at your fingertips today, use it wisely and understand who your audience is.

Content is king, right? It's the most powerful way to communicate your brand's message and tell your story. But evergreen content is more about providing value to your audience than a marketing stunt. Understand that. And that’s why it is important to know your audience, and anticipate what value they would want, and how you as a brand could provide them with.

Choose the right topic

Now you know your audience and what they want. The idea is to provide them with long lasting value, remember? So it is essential to choose the right topics. Say if you are a pet store owner, you could choose a topic like - a guide to first time dog/cat (or any other pet) owners. Or if you have a project management software, you can have educational content on related topics and frameworks.

The whole idea is to refrain from using any specific topic that might be related to a specific event or date or circumstance. Instead providing broader and more general educational topics or guides or blogs on your area of expertise or industry your brand is developing in.

In fact, these topics primarily boost your organic visibility via proper SEO. They make a strong impression of your brand in the area of that content because by sharing valuable information, the viewers perceive you or your brand to be more transparent, reliable and expert in that field. Well, I don’t need to say more on that, do I?

Repurpose your content already!

Finally, the biggest step of making your content evergreen is repurposing it. Content is not always evergreen in a single form. Maybe you wrote a blog 2 years back that had a specific paragraph that suddenly became of vital importance today. Or published a video on youtube a year ago, in which you made a bold prediction that has finally come true.

Now you don’t expect netizens to miraculously scrape the internet that day and find that one paragraph in your 800-word blog, or that 3-minute clip in that one-hour-long youtube video. But you have made content long back which holds value today. If you do not repurpose your original content, you cannot unlock its value and hence let it die. This is the biggest and most foolish mistake.

Most pieces of content can be made more long-lasting by simply repurposing them - into different formats, for different audiences, or for specific analogies. With the rise is Social Media, content can circle back years later and then go viral suddenly. But it won't unless you repurpose them.

Make reels out of your long youtube video, make byte-sized tweets from those blogs, and make sure you present it again and again, in different formats, on all possible platforms whenever and wherever it can add VALUE.

In fact, you don’t even need an in-house marketing team to keep tabs on this. You can simply hire a specialized content repurposing agency which will do it within your budget and take it off your plate. And you can still have your evergreen content.

Creating new content is a daily challenge. One needs to be observant and futuristic. Most people learn about the first step early on, but unfortunately, they stop learning there. And hence, they stop growing there themselves.

Abiding in this simple 3 step process could enable them to increase the validity of their content, get more traction and save so much time and money.

Now don’t just pat yourself for having gained this hack, put it to use.

Go Green!

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