Content Marketing Services v/s In-house team

Here is a blog (and a story) that will help you understand what a CMS is, what it does and why they are better than in-house marketing teams.

Content Marketing Services v/s In-house team
Content Marketing Services v/s In-house team

You may have come across the term Content Marketing Services (CMS) or agencies quite a lot if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or in marketing. But everyone defines them differently and may have left you confused. Here is a blog (and a story) that will help you understand what a CMS is, what it does and why they are better than in-house marketing teams.

The plot - Marketing challenge for startups and entrepreneurs

Ron is "trying to build an empire". He has an awesome product and given his background, he has done his research. He quit his job, rolled up his sleeves and was ready for it. But he doesn't know anything about marketing. And moreover he doesn't have a marketing team. Well, that's a pickle.

So when everyone around Ron laughed at him and ridiculed him, or questioned him how you can do it without a marketing team in place. One of his managers also told him that any good product or service is useless unless it is well communicated to the audience to make them aware of it. And this art of communication was content. Ron didn’t have any.

Ron would smirk and reply, “Oh! I will do it the smart way.I will hire an agency. They’re the specialists.” And for those managers, it was still unimaginable to have an entire marketing function outsourced.

But you know what? Ron’s idea took off. His sales skyrocketed in 6 months and he had already turned a healthy profit within his first year. In fact, his brand had left such a mark that Ron was invited to business schools multiple times to give keynote speeches. Not only that, he was able to automate a lot of his processes and therefore had much more time to spend with his family than ever before. He was truly made a lean, mean, money-making machine!

The Hero - Content

So what was different that made Ron’s plan work? The key was “minding his own business”. Well, as kids we have always been told to do that. Don’t poke your nose here and there. But if only we understood. Ron focussed solely on the product and the core business. He did not waste time learning marketing or hiring people through trial and error. Instead, he took a judgment call and hired professionals who knew what they were doing.

He knew that content was at the epicenter of a good marketing strategy. And while everyone was running paid ads, in today’s digital world, social media and communities demanded stories. Good relatable stories. They just didn’t want to buy the product or service, they wanted to know everything about the people who created it, what the company stands for and beyond the actual sales pitch of the actual product.

Hence, instead of hiring pricey ad firms, he went to a content marketing service/agency.

Your content can make you a millionaire, or it can get some rotten tomatoes on your face (add there some FIRs as well). Content plays a vital role in modern marketing areas.

Ron used the content marketing agency to produce all-round content right from long to micro-videos and reels, blogs, landing pages and website content, brochures and ad copies, product packaging content to social media posts. What else could he ask for?

According to Ron, here are the few core benefits of hiring an agency for content marketing instead of building an in house team:

Advantages of Content Marketing Service v/s In-house Teams (The Hero’s Chants)

Aunt vs The Expert

Content agencies employ highly skilled professionals in each of the sub divisions or areas. They are well versed with the platforms they create content for, and hence can rightfully guide a brand in leaving a mark. Their advice is much more valuable than your Aunt who you only see on Christmas, and who laughed at your business plans and called it “cute little hobby”. Imagine hiring their two ‘gardening’ kids and training them to build your marketing team!

The Learning Curve

Since the agency has professionals and experts, there is a very short learning curve for you as an entrepreneur. Both you and the agency just need to sit and craft a branding strategy and a story that works best. If you hire newbies to build a team from scratch, there’s an Everest to climb. I’m not saying they might be dumn. But the learning curve for them is too high.


Content marketing agencies have already standardized their processes. They have worked for hundreds of projects and hence know the routine. From the idea germination to delivery and client satisfaction. You don’t need to hand hold, supervise or micromanage them at all. But in case you hire your nephews, well, you better walk on eggshells while commanding services or there’s going to be a family feud before an Instagram post.

Big bucks (Cost)

Sure, hiring a content marketing service at the beginning might seem to be a pricey thing. But hiring a team is no less expensive. The countless hours and training, the learning curve, and still you are not guaranteed results. But with the agency, you can be assured of some benchmarked results because they have a reputation to maintain. And well, they’re expert professionals.

The long-run cost of building an organized brand via content marketing service is much lower than the short-term buzz with expensive keyword ads, or a pizza stuffing army at the office. In fact, if you are thinking, well I could just hire one expert instead of an agency or an army of graduates, then just hold your horses.

Let’s say you do get one expert on board somehow. What will happen if he falls sick a week before your company’s launch event? And add to that the medical bills you will have to pay for your employee. (Jokes on you?)

Basically, one man could derail your company single-handedly. Whereas in the case of an agency, you don’t have to worry about that. They already have an army who will get your work done anyhow.

Freedom (Time)

Why do you want to build an empire after all? Why does anyone? Its not just for the money. It’s for the freedom that comes along. The freedom of time that allows you to spend it however you want.

You can’t get that freedom if you have to train, supervise and manage a newly created marketing team of fresh graduates. Good luck even getting sound sleep for that matter of fact! Hiring specialists to do that might just allow you the time to visit your parents, spend more time with your family, or just visit the bahamas!

Ain’t no party like the Caribbeans.

MYOB - Mind Your Own Business

Finally, Mind your own business. Do what you are good at and don’t dwell on what you don’t know. Don’t let that discourage you. Double down on your strengths and let the world laugh. They’ll soon fall in line and buy tickets to hear your ted talk. Just mind your own business, and mind it well.

Content has become the James Bond of social media space.  Ron understood that. And also understood, that it is much more beneficial to hire a content marketing service than to build everything up himself. He ignored the rhetoric and the ignorant. He drew inspiration from really smart people. Like Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Jack Ma and so many more. Just hire the expert and let them do their job.  That’s your job as an entrepreneur.

Mind your own business !!

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