Case study: How we turned Springworks one piece of content into 5 different pieces of content

Case study: How we turned Springworks one piece of content into 5 different pieces of content
Case study: How we turned Springworks one piece of content into 5 different pieces of content

In this post, we will walk you through how we (Madfire) converted Springworks' one piece of content into five different pieces.

What Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks, said about our work: “Madfire has been doing a fantastic job in splicing our content into various formats that work for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s helping us get more traction from the same content asset. We’re super happy to work with them.”

Now, onto the case study.

About Madfire: Madfire is a content repurposing agency that helps brands/creators like you to convert each long-form audio/video content into dozens of micro-content.

About Springworks: Springworks helps companies recruit, onboard, and engage the best employees.

The ask: Springworks conducted a (~90 minutes) webinar on “Diversity and Inclusion at a workplace.” Our task was to repurpose it into different content formats.

Here’s how we converted one content into 5 different formats:

1. Short clips

The host discussed “how to foster diversity,” “how to create a healthy remote culture,” and other issues during the webinar. We made individual short clips (10-15 minutes) of many such sub-topics and optimized them for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Most consumers prefer short clips over 90 minutes of a webinar. So, doing this helped us to leverage YouTube and social media algorithms and attract viewers.

2. Short-form videos (YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels)

Short-form videos are taking over on YouTube and social media platforms:

a) YouTube shorts recently hit 5 trillion all-time views.

b) Instagram CEO confirmed most users prefer videos (Reels) over static photos and carousel posts— so the app is turning into a video platform.

To capitalize on this trend, we repurposed the webinar into <60 seconds clips to upload them on YouTube as shorts and on Instagram as Reels.

The trick was to pick out the section from a webinar that either educates, inspires, or is funny. We also added visuals (images and charts) to convey the message.

3. Static graphic posts

We picked insightful quotes from the conversation to post as standalone posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We ensured the branding (messaging, color, and tone) remained consistent with every post.

4. Carousels

Carousel posts gain increased engagement because there’s more content to consume. And because people spend more time on them, the algorithm rewards such posts.

We, therefore, created carousels for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. All we did was summarize a part of the conversation from the webinar. For example, the hosts debated “what diversity is and the common metrics to measure it.” We condensed the key points users can read through to understand the gist of the talk.

5. Twitter threads

Finally, we wrote a thread on Twitter. The method was the same as the carousel posts: We picked a part of a conversation and summarized it on Twitter.

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