A YouTuber's guide to marketing

Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber wanting to get started, or already a content creator on youtube, in search of answers, you’re at the right place.

A YouTuber's guide to marketing
A youtuber’s guide to marketing

Aloha, my youtuber Amigos.

Youtube is one of the oldest user driven video streaming  platforms and with the big bang surge in internet users across the world, being a youtuber is now actually a legitimate career option. And it could be handsomely rewarding. Of course you know that already since you’re here.

There are millions of content creators and billions of content consumers on youtube today. From how to drink water correctly to how the internet works, from entertainment to education, there is no topic or theme on which you will find zero youtube videos. And this might be your concern. You might be worried about how you or your content make a mark on the internet with such fierce competition.

Now the most obvious answer is paid ads and marketing. And let’s say you do run ads somehow with a hefty price tag that comes with it, you are still not guaranteed results. In fact, you might not see any significant growth in your channel even after burning piles of cash by running ads.

Don’t be discouraged just yet. We’ve got you covered. Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber wanting to get started, or already a content creator on youtube, in search of answers, you’re at the right place.

6 hacks / steps to effectively grow your youtube channel without running expensive ads:

Focus on a theme/niche

The first and most important step is to decide on a specific niche or theme for your youtube channel and make sure your contents are in line with them. As we said, there’s a lot of fight amongst creators. There might be billions of users on Youtube, but each one has their preferences.

If I am interested in learning about technology, I am more likely to subscribe to a particular channel that creates high quality technology content exclusively instead of one that makes a little of all.

So select your niche based on your expertise or where you feel you can provide maximum value. The entire essence of this is to create high quality content, focussed on one segment (of theme and audience). This creates loyalty for viewers, and increases the chances of you reaching a million subs sooner than later.

If you have multiple ideas/expertise for content, you can consider making separate youtube channels.

Know your audience

Now that you have selected your niche, understand your audience. Who are the people who consume content in that niche, where are they sitting, how do they consume their content, how much do they consume in a day, and literally every bit of granular data that you can get.

This data not only helps you make more quality content, it also helps you target your content more precisely thereby saving your time and cost, and increasing its potential to grow exponentially.

Know your enemy

It is also important to know your competitors - who are making content in the similar niche, and fighting for your share of subscribers. Afterall, it’s a kill and win game.

Knowing your competition can be of huge advantage. It can help you learn from their mistakes, ride on their keywords or content by directly engaging with them, scare their comments section to listen to their audience and most importantly, to know where to hit them hard. Better kill their buzz, before they kill yours.

Find opportunity in both, their hype and their adversity. As the good old saying goes, ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.’


One of the most underrated growth strategies is collaborating with other youtubers. You should be open to collaboration with other creators from the same niche, and even other niches.

This gives you access to their audience and in the process make you case to have some of their audience, start following yours as well. They may have never heard of you before, and might be interested in your niche. But since you appeared on their favorite talk show’s youtube vlog, they now trust you and think that your content must be good.

Super simple hack!

Repurpose your content

This is the biggest weapon that most YouTubers don’t use. Now I understand you became a YouTuber and want to grow your channel. But there are various other social media apps out there. So you don’t have to fight for attention just on youtube, but also everywhere else.

NO, we’re not asking you to make more content for each platform. That would be insane and drive you bankrupt.

The answer is to repurpose and recycle the content that you have already created on youtube into different formats (audio, reels, memes, blogs, etc), targeting different audiences across as many platforms as you possibly can. It’s all about extracting more and more value from your content and reaching a wider audience.

The idea here is to reach your potential viewers and grab their attention no matter where they are. But doing so smartly. You do not need to hire multiple people and open a repurposing department. That would be impractical.

You can simply hire agencies that specialize in repurposing content. They can repurpose your content without you having to deal with any hassle or learning curve, and at a fraction of the cost. So you can simply focus on the big picture - your original content and not miss this greatest opportunity at the same time.

If you do not repurpose your content, you are bound to miss a major chunk of growth. It might even kill your channel altogether if your competitors start repurposing their content. Hope you don’t wait for that doomsday scenario to take action.

Time your content

Finally, the biggest tool to gain growth advantage is to time your content. This means two things. One knowing when to post what. And second, knowing when not to post anything.

The first is fairly simple. You should know what time your audience is most active and should have a consistent posting schedule. Additionally, you should post your repurposed content with good timings. Especially if you can make use of moment marketing, and add to an existing viral wave by placing your content in the streak, voila! You’ve achieved nirvana.

Finally, it is also important to know when not to post. Say a major event takes place or it's a major national/cultural holiday (like Christmas). At such times, people usually don’t follow their usual routines and patterns. You can post a great piece of content but it will just get lost and never gain any good traction if the timing is wrong. So at such times, you need to wait.

We know how difficult it is to plan and execute a youtube channel and focus on creating high-quality original content. And we understand that even after all that, you can struggle with marketing your channel or achieving growth over time.

That’s exactly why we outlined these 6 well-crafted, easy-to-use hacks/steps for you to start implementing them immediately.

Plan it well and execute it smartly. Do what you do best, and hire experts for the rest.

That’s the secret recipe.


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