5 ways to repurpose content on Twitter

5 ways to repurpose content on Twitter
5 ways to repurpose content on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most underrated platforms to build a loyal audience, increase brand awareness, and generate sales. How to capitalize on it? Repurpose your content from different mediums into a Twitter content format.

Here are five ways to get started:

1. Summarize your blog into a Twitter thread

You have to research, write, and edit to write a blog post. All this takes 5–6 hours. So, why not take measures to squeeze the maximum ROI out of your efforts? One way to do so is to write a thread from your article.

Here’s how to get started:

a) Note the best-performing blog posts with more page views and shares than others.

b) Pick one and summarize it as a thread. Ensure you write a proper hook (one that tells the readers the benefits of reading further), explain the problem and provide the solution, include examples/data/visuals, and add a call to action.

c) Post it.

For example, here’s how Sparktoro’s VP of Marketing repurposed a blog post into a viral Twitter thread.

2. Share podcast clips

You can share a short podcast video (1-3 minutes) and then link to the entire episode in the second tweet. Ensure you share clips persuasive enough for people—insights, case studies, templates—to listen to the complete episode.

You can even share a podcast audiogram—an image converted into a video and layered with other elements, such as a waveform and transcriptions. It combines visual arts, audio tracks, soundwaves, and text to create a highly shareable marketing asset.

Lenny regularly shares podcast audiograms, too. Here’s one example:

Use Buzzsprout to make and share audiograms for free.

3. Share short YouTube video clips

Borrowing from the podcast clips example, you can also share a video snippet from a long-form YouTube video. Pick a clip from your video. Then, repost it on your Twitter account, and link to the entire video in the comments. Ensure the video clip shares an insight or lessons—so people are eager to watch the whole video.

Here’s an excellent example of Garry Tan doing the same:

4. Host a Twitter space

Spaces is a way to have live audio conversations on Twitter with your participants. You can invite listeners and discuss with them anything you wish to.

But how to use Twitter spaces for content repurposing?

a) Use your article as a starting point of discussion. For example, if you have a blog on “Top marketing trends for 2023,” host a space on the topic, and you can start the discussion by sharing the views mentioned in it, adding more case studies and context.

b) Similarly, do the same with video or podcast content.

5. Repurpose one-liners from your blog and video as a single tweet

You can short-list data or any insightful sentence from your post and share it as a tweet. You can even repurpose the blog into a single tweet and link to the blog in the comments.

For example, if you wrote a blog on “5 ways to repurpose your blog,” tweet the five ways without detailing each point. And if anyone wants an in-depth explanation, they can read the whole article.

Similarly, do the same with video and podcast content.

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