5 ways to repurpose content for your email marketing

5 ways to repurpose content for your email marketing
5 ways to repurpose content for your email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels.

99% of email users check their emails daily (not one marketing channel can boast of this).

• You own your email list (unlike your social media account, which can be deleted or suspended).

• Email marketing provides an ROI of 4000%. For every $1 spent, you can receive $40.

But despite the benefits of email marketing, it’s challenging to create consistent quality content. You can’t come up with A+ ideas every time.

That’s why you must repurpose content for your email newsletter. You won’t have to create content from scratch every time and still enjoy the benefits of higher engagement and paid conversion.

Here are the 5 ways to repurpose content for your email marketing:

1. Repurpose your blog posts

Repurpose your blog posts

The goal is to create a roundup newsletter featuring your blogs to redirect your users to your website.

Two ways to do this:

a) Send your month’s blog posts at the end of the month. For example, “Here is the content we published this month.”

b) Choose a repurposing theme. For example, you can collect all the best-performing blogs on SEO and send them in a single email.

Another way is to create a series of email tips. Let’s say you have written a blog on “10 steps to social media marketing.” You can start an email series, “10 tips on social media marketing,” and deliver the ten lessons over a period of time.

This way, you’ll build curiosity—incentivizing your users to subscribe to your newsletter to receive those lessons.

2. Share social media content

There are multiple ways to repurpose your social media content for your email newsletter. You can poll your users and share the answers in your email.

Or ask your users and share the answers via your newsletter. For example, you can ask, “What are the best ways to gain 1000 Twitter followers in less than one month?” Then, title the newsletter “The secret to land 1000 Twitter followers in less than a month” and share the answers as a short step-by-step guide.

Here are some more ways:

a) Incentivize your users to create UGC content (maybe give them a shoutout) and share it through your email to promote your brand awareness and credibility.

b) Share customer testimonials and case studies.

c) Analyze your top-performing social posts and repurpose them into email tips or other content formats.

3. Transcribe podcasts

Transcribe podcasts

You invest so much time and effort into creating a podcast—convincing the guest, researching for your discussion, editing the quality, and ensuring no technical glitches.

So, why not repurpose the podcast content in your email to reach more audience?

Pick out compelling snippets from the podcast (It could be a unique insight or never heard before story from the speaker), share them in your newsletter, and link to the complete episode. You can use Otter for transcribing.

Alternatively, you can even repurpose the podcast into a series of email tips. For example, if the speaker talks about the “5 ways to increase revenue from LinkedIn,” you can send each as a 5-day LinkedIn series.

4. Turn data into infographics

Visuals increase learning and information retention by 78%. So, scan your internal data and convey the message through visually appealing infographics.

For example, if you’re a company that provides freelance service to clients, you would have data such as “the number of companies using freelancing service,” “whether outsourcing to freelancers increases or decreases productivity,” and other similar data points. Turn these statistics into icons, charts, and charts, and share them as an email infographic.

Another way is to survey industry influencers/users/company executives and share their opinions through an infographic.

You can even convert listicle content into infographics. For example, if you have a blog or social media content like “10 ways to do X,” you can turn those ten ways into pictorial representations and share them through email. Use Canva to create stunning infographics.

5. Embed videos into your newsletter

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads annually and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Capitalize on this by sharing videos in your email. It could be a YouTube video, social media video, or short-form video (Instagram Reels/YouTube shorts). You can even share Instagram/Facebook story highlights.

If you don’t want to embed a long video (more than 20 minutes), you can share a 3-4 minute snippet and link to the complete video.

So, this is it! We hope you can use this guide to start your email marketing.

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