5 Mistakes to avoid as a podcaster

5 Mistakes to avoid as a podcaster
5 Mistakes to avoid as a podcaster

Did you know that 50% of the podcasts fail within 3 months of launch and almost 70% fail within a year.

Okay don’t get discouraged just yet. We’re not here to demotivate you. On the contrary, we’re here to help. Let’s recap a bit.

What does FAIL even mean though?

It simply means that the creators get tired of waiting, unable to grab enough traction and think that the podcast isn’t worth the time spent creating it. And hence, decide to either shut it down or just….disappear.

But you don’t have to fail! Most of these podcasts that fail, make some very common yet undiscussed mistakes.

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5 reasons why podcasts fail

Here are the 5 reasons why podcasts fail:

Doing it for the wrong reasons

Believe it or not, if your motivations are wrong, you will not be able to succeed. Most youngsters read an article or two about the trending content creators who minted millions from their home, and set out to do the same. No wonder, they are bound to fail. While marketing and sales can be a purpose of your podcast, it should not be the only reason.

All the podcasts that thrive in the long term are those that add value to its audience. They provide valuable content which is relevant to their audience and it is something that their audience benefits from. You need to prioritize your audience’s needs above yours, if you wish to achieve yours at all.

Doing too much

You started a podcast, you’re all pumped and excited and you think you can do it all in a month on a pack of red bull. It's only natural to be so energetic in the beginning, right? But this leads to you doing too much, and becoming more likely to burn out. Just creating more and more and more pieces of content is not the way to go.

You try to cover a wide range of topics and themes, trying to include a variety of content. And with such unfocused direction, you naturally don’t get traction and soon burn out. You think you did everything you could, but it was just fate.

The truth is you need to focus on a niche. Don’t do too much. Do what is enough, but do it so well that you can beat your competition. Instead of 10 okay podcasts, research and make one great podcast a week. This way you won’t get impatient and hence, won’t burn out.

Not strategic in marketing

This is perhaps the biggest mistake a podcaster or content creator can make. If you think hitting that publish button is the end, you are among the majority of people, who are more likely to fail. Most creators hit that publish button and somehow pray to God to work a miracle.

Publishing your podcast is not the end of the cycle, it is the midpoint. You now need to repurpose your content to strategically market it and gain traction. Repurposing your content is the main ingredient to making your content or podcast go viral and gain massive traction.

There are lots of benefits of repurposing. But in a nutshell, repurposing content helps you reach a wider audience across various platforms and increases the chances of your content going viral. It extracts value from already created podcasts instead of creating new pieces of content altogether. Now, why would anyone make such a stupid mistake and not do it?

And the best part is you don’t need to do it yourself or have an army of marketing team. You can simply outsource it to professional agencies that specialize in it, while you focus on recording your next podcast. Agencies like Madfire can help you strategically market your podcast by repurposing it without burning a hole in your pocket.

Lack of authenticity

Just like wrong motivations will lead to an eventual failure, if you are not authentic or do not have your own voice, your podcast will not survive. Nobody wants a puppet or an echo chamber, just repeating or rephrasing someone else’s words. This ain’t your college exam. So don’t try to copy paste.

Make your podcast an authentic piece. Spend time researching on topics and people in your nice, and then develop your own voice - arguments, perspective, and ideas. If you are unsure, you can start by interviewing people who are experts in those topics. This way, instead of having all the answers, you just need to prepare really good questions.

Not listening to your audience

Finally, don’t be an internet radio station. Engage with your audience and take feedback from your actual listeners. Listen to their feedback and comments carefully and try to incorporate them into your production. Learn from it and try to adapt. If you don’t listen to the audience then guess what....the audience won’t listen to your podcasts much longer. And that’s a mistake we want to avoid here.

Now that you know what kills your competition, pay more attention and don’t make these mistakes. Use it instead to beat them and thank us later. And if you want your podcast to spread like Mad Fire, get in touch now!

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