5 content ideas for your YouTube video

5 content ideas for your YouTube video
5 content ideas for your YouTube video

Finding YouTube content ideas is one of the biggest challenges when getting started. Many even quit YouTube after struggling to come up with ideas.

That shouldn’t be the case, though. YouTube has a 2B+ audience you can benefit from: increased brand awareness, leads, and paying customers.

So, what should you do? To get you started, here are the five content ideas for your YouTube channel.

1. Teach something

Educating your users is the fastest way to highlight your expertise, show your credibility, and build brand awareness. You can make your users aware of their problems and provide solutions through how-to content.

That way, people will trust you, and when the time comes to purchase, you’ll be the first one they’ll remember.

Start creating content by sharing unique insights/case studies, listicles (“best resources”), and providing solutions to their pain points. For example, here’s Ahrefs sharing an in-depth video on how to do SEO.

You can research your audience (interview/survey them, read their social comments, and use keyword research) to find what educational content you can create.

2. Do a webinar

Ask an industry leader to share their insights through a webinar. By doing this, you can leverage their credibility to attract followers to your brand.

Ensure you invite the right speaker who has the following credentials:

a) Proof of work to show their expertise.

b) Industry knowledge and is up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

c) Relevant experience.

Here’s an example of Buffer doing a webinar on how to leverage Pinterest for business:

3. Promote your product

After accumulating an audience on YouTube, you must capitalize on it by promoting your product. Share your competitive advantages, product features (and how they benefit your users), and case studies.

For example, here’s Neil Patel promoting how to use his product, Ubersuggest.

You can create a how-to tutorial [how to use (your product)] or share the product’s launch by showing its different features.

4. Share your company culture

Sharing behind-the-scenes of your company is an excellent way to promote brand positivity and attract great talent. Google is one of the best examples of doing this at scale. It has a separate channel named Life at Google.

The channel posts video on different topics: how they hire at Google, what it’s like to work for the company, their diversity principles, videos showing employees working or engaging in a brainstorming discussion, and more.

You’ll also find videos of individual employees sharing their views on things working at Google.

By promoting its culture, Google has consistently controlled the company narrative and attracted A+ talent.

How can you share videos promoting your culture?

a) First, have a positive culture where every employee feels valued, enjoys the freedom of transparency and creativity, and isn’t afraid to make mistakes. Then, interview them to share their experiences.

b) Share behind the scenes: meeting sessions, travel, and more.

c) Share your company’s hiring process and the benefits of working in your organization.

d) Promote your company values, mission, and successes.

5. Answer FAQs

Ask your users, social media followers, and blog readers to submit questions they want answers to through an email (newsletter) or social media comments. Once you get enough questions (maybe 10 or 20), upload a video answering them.

That way, you’ll ensure you engage your users and keep the communication two-way.

Another way to do this is to ask your readers to read/view your content and ask related questions. You’ll get additional content resources, and they can get their doubts clarified. Win-Win.

So, this was it! You now know the content you can create on YouTube. Get started with these and then tweak your content strategy according to your audience’s preferences.

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