5 content ideas for your short-form videos (YouTube shorts, TikTok, and FB/Instagram Reels)

5 content ideas for your short-form videos (YouTube shorts, TikTok, and FB/Instagram Reels)
5 content ideas for your short-form videos (YouTube shorts, TikTok, and FB/Instagram Reels)

Short-form videos are all the rage these days. You’ll find people (including me) scrolling through Instagram Reels/TikTok/YouTube shorts for at least 30 minutes per day.

No wonder:

a) TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2021.

b) Until January 2022, YouTube shorts hit 5 trillion all-time views.

c) The most watched format on Instagram is Instagram Reels.

The jury is out: People are consuming more and more short-form videos. And as a result, YouTube and Instagram’s algorithms are prioritizing short-form video content over other formats. So, if you want to continue attracting users and grow your YouTube/Instagram/TikTok following, you, too, must prioritize short-form videos.

But the challenge is how to come up with content ideas consistently. To help you with that, we are sharing five content ideas to help you create short-form videos and grow your brand on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

1. Repurpose long-form content

Repurposing long-form content—blog posts, podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos—is the easiest way to create content for YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. You can pick out snippets/tips/information from your long-form content to turn those into short-form videos.

For example, here’s how we repurposed a YouTube video into a <60-sec clip that explains a topic.

2. Show a before and after video

Everyone loves transformation—people want to see what change your product/service will bring in their life. So, if your product provides any result (which it does, else why you’re even selling it?), Reels/Shorts might be the perfect idea for your business.

It embodies the ‘show, don’t tell’ marketing philosophy. You’ll show your product’s benefit in <60 seconds. Your users will get entertained and see the change themselves, becoming more likely to buy your product. Win-Win!

For example, if you sell a hair product, you can show a customer’s hair before and after using your product.

3. Share company values

Sharing your company values will help you to build brand credibility, attract A+ talent, and increase brand awareness. How to do it? Shoot a video highlighting your company’s culture, beliefs, and principles that drive your business.

For example, in this Reel, Buffer shows one of its company values: being transparent. It highlights that anyone (inside and outside Buffer) can view its employees’ salaries.

You can see in the comments how everyone appreciates their transparent culture. Some even spread the word (promoting their brand) and are dying to wait for the company.

Another thing you can do is share your company’s behind-the-scenes video. It can be a video of a team brainstorming session or what it’s like to work at the company.

Here in this Reel, Google highlights its work culture.

4. Teach something

People browse the Internet to learn something and 10X their skills. Take advantage of this. If you’re a business or an online creator, chances are you have expertise in something you can teach your followers. So, walk your viewers through mini-tutorials, tips, or hacks.

For example, in this YouTube short, the Photoshop Training channel explains how to cut out transparent objects using Photoshop.

You can use short-form videos to update your viewers on the latest industry trends, facts, and developments. That way, you can be a one-stop solution for your users to get industry-related news. This builds trust and credibility.

For example, in this short, Neil Patel explains how user behavior is changing when it comes to searching for information on the Internet.

Double down on short-form videos

It’s no secret that attention span is decreasing. Short-form videos are the antidote to this. By creating them, you can hook, engage, and convert your users—so don’t neglect this opportunity. Use the above guide to get started with short-form video content. You can even share memes, customer testimonials/case studies, product benefits, and plenty of other content through YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

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