5 content ideas for your LinkedIn posts

5 content ideas for your LinkedIn posts
5 content ideas for your LinkedIn posts

875M users use LinkedIn, and the best part is most are your potential customers and employees. So, if you consistently post on the platform, you can promote your product and attract customers and top talent.

But how to get started?

In this post, we’ll share the five content ideas you can use to start posting on it.

1. Teach something

The hack to increase brand awareness, credibility, and trust is to show your expertise. Use your knowledge to educate your followers. It could be sharing internal data (and how you used it to your advantage), lesser-known insights, or teaching them something (how your users can solve their problems).

Take SEMrush, for example.

In this post, it teaches its followers how to analyze their content.

2. Repurpose content

You invest time, effort, and cost in each piece of content—so why not squeeze the maximum ROI out of it? Repurposing lets you do that.

When you repurpose our content—a podcast, Instagram Reel, blog post—into a LinkedIn post, you ensure it reaches more people. Just make sure you repurpose it to suit the LinkedIn platform.

For example, don’t copy-paste your blog/podcast link on LinkedIn. Instead, summarize the blog post into a LinkedIn post or share a sneak peek of the podcast content like Buffer.

It shared an audio gram—an image converted into a video and layered with other elements on top, such as transcriptions.

3. Post product updates

Your ultimate goal on LinkedIn is to earn revenue. The best way to do so is to promote your product and explain how users can benefit.

You can write about your product’s features, benefits, competitive advantages, or updates. Here’s an example from Stripe showing how businesses can build on it using no-code tools. It uses LinkedIn’s article feature to deep-dive into how they can do so.

4. Share company culture

Don’t hesitate to share behind the scenes of your company to show your human side. You can post company meeting images or employees practicing the company’s values/mission. Doing this will build your brand and encourage talented people to join you.

Google does this best. It interviews its employees (and posts them on LinkedIn), shares their celebrations (festivities, birthdays, and revenue milestones), and shows what it’s like to work at Google through #lifeatgoogle.

For example, through this post, it shares that its employees had fun at a football match, talked about careers at Google, and gave scholarships worth $210,000.

5. Ask questions

LinkedIn is a social platform—so engage in a two-sided conversation. Ask questions to your followers about their problems (and how you can solve them), what they want from you (features, things you should keep doing, and things to avoid), or (maybe) their achievements/progress.

You can do so by asking a question through a LinkedIn post or using polls.

Hootsuite used both. It questioned its followers whether hashtags still matter, and people answered through votes and comments.

Here’s how to use the poll feature:

Step 1: Click on Start a post.

Step 2: Select Create a poll option.

Step 3: Type your question and options, and choose the poll duration. You can even add more than two options by selecting Add option.

Step 4: Click on Done.

Start your LinkedIn journey.

Now that you know a few ideas on what to post on LinkedIn, you can start posting on it. Use these ideas to increase your brand awareness, leads, and revenue. Ensure you don’t stick to these ideas. As you continue using them, you’ll find your own templates you can use.

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