3 things podcasters should do to gain more traction

3 best-practices for podcasters

3 things podcasters should do to gain more traction
3 things podcasters should do to gain more traction

Hello there, podcasters and creators.

Let me guess, you have a great podcast with quality content but are struggling to keep up the traction and attract more audience? And you want to learn how you can fix this? Well, you came to the right place.

It isn’t uncommon for content creators to miss out some really small and simple tricks that could actually be worth more than the aid advertising for growth purposes.

3 simple things you can do to gain more traction on your podcast:

Write SEO-friendly descriptions

Those tiny description boxes that you often ignore, stop doing that. Instead spend a little time writing an amazing description about your podcast, a brief about the episode or what the listeners should expect from it, and the topic you discussed (or the person who you discussed it with). It’s like a trailer for your listeners.

In fact, these descriptions can improve the visibility of your podcast by making it search-friendly. Yes, that’s correct. The more SEO-friendly it is, the more traction you can expect. It’s that simple.

Repurpose and expand across platforms

Most podcasters think that their work is done as soon as they publish their podcast on the platform. But actually, it’s just half done even then. Repurposing your podcast content is a simple trick that can help you expand your audience, expand to other platforms and increase the probability of your content going viral.

Repurposing podcast content is basically using that 30-minute or one-hour podcast audio to make many pieces of micro-content. For example, you can summarize the entire episode in a 100 or 200-word blog, using bullet points, and then shoot them out as newsletters.  

Similarly, you can convert it into smaller audio clips by snipping out the main punchlines or important parts, even add animation to it and make a reel or youtube shorts, make a Twitter thread and so much more. There is no limit to it. And you don’t need to create any additional content for it. Just use what you have already made.

The biggest benefit of repurposing your podcast is that you can strategically market it now by having a presence on and distributing on other social media platforms. You can gain a massive audience by doing this simple thing.

No, you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Our recommendation is that you focus on creating quality podcasts only. Then hire a content repurposing agency (yes they already exist) that specializes in it, like Madfire. In fact, it will cost you much less than setting up your own team to do it. This will reduce your workload but will help you reap benefits.  

Add theme music and work on thumbnails

Finally, make some small investments y’all. Hire a freelancer and get a good theme music prepared for your podcast exclusively. It should be short and something that catches the attention. It may seem futile but it increases the production quality of the podcast. You can add it to the intro and outro of the podcast and even in the middle depending on your content and style.

Also, have a memorable thumbnail for your podcast. The thumbnail is constant for all episodes. Just like music, it is a one time investment hiring a good designer and getting it done.

It is these small details that make the podcast more attractive to the audience because it feels more professional and engaging.

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you would get some heavy rocket science techniques in here. But to be honest, it is these 3 small hacks that can boost your audience and traction. We believe that your podcast content is amazing. These are just the pretty packaging and smart marketing tips you needed to grow.

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